Benefits of Joining PES

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Message From Advisor Electrical Engineering Department!

Dr. Muhammad Ali Memon

“Students of Electrical Engineering Department are of course one of the top minds and most hardworking among the students and are not only the assets for their families but are also one of the most Important human resources of the country as well. You need to realize you importance and groom up your personality and expertise accordingly continuously throughout your life so that you can be a model human beings and a true professionals, who have the ability to identify national problems and give proper solutions. You need to safe guard our true social and cultural values and think twice before adopting any foreign influence which may have negative impact on our social values and society in future”.


This section represents the excom for tenure 2020-21.

Ghulam Ahmed

Muhammad Hamza
Vice president

General secretary

Huda Ahmed
branch representative

Zayan aamir ali