The revolutionary changes in every aspect of life astonished an individual to unleash their potential and creativity in various domains of life. Every now and then we get to know about exemplary breakthroughs being made. Wireless power transfer technology is also one of them. The growth of this technology is impeccable. The objective is to replace the physical connection system such as (cords, wires) with power /energy transfer through air at power generation bases.

A light on the background of Wireless Power transfer technology:

The concept dates back to nearly 100 years when Nikola Tesla in late 1890’s tasted success by lighting electric bulbs wirelessly through electrodynamic induction. This phenomenon inspired the relevant field professionals to work on wireless transmission technology.

Working Process:

Wireless power transfer is based on phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic radiations and microwaves are also used for power transfer. When magnetic field coupling exists between two similar resonators, the wireless power transfer process takes place.

  • For shorter distance:

Inductive power transfer is heavily relied process for transmission over shorter distance as it transfers large part of energy from production unit to acceptance unit.

  • For larger distance:

Inductive resonant coupling that is based on frequency splitting phenomenon is ideal for power transfer over larger distances. It also offers great efficiency.


Wireless power transfer has had a tremendous impact, ranging from minor to major devices and gadgets to stations and plants. WPT has dominated its application in smartphones, electric cars, medical devices and for industrial purposes as well.This technology strongly influenced Solar power satellites (SPS)that works in orbit.

Research/ How people see this:

People have graded WPT as an innovative measure. Professors and researchers from universities around the globe share a very bright vision on future of wireless power transmission technology. They support their statement through practical discoveries and experiments. Professor Soljacic Martin and team came up with a brilliant achievement regarding this technology.


The Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) has been a great prospect and breakthrough for the future. It has experienced massive growth in automobile sector through production of fuel free vehicles, airplanes and rockets. Specifically in Asia, exemplary efforts are underway for the growth of this technology.

Form the above informationwe can say that wireless power transfer technology has vast applications and healthy usage of such technology can make a way for remarkable revolution in science.

Author: Mustafa Ahsan

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