• Over the last decade, Pakistan experienced a change in its energy situation. There was a dreadful crisis in the early years of the decade with the improvement observed towards the end. However, all the problems of the decade relating to energy were not introduced due to the paucity of generation
  • Floating Solar Panel
    When it comes to renewable power generation, there is a huge diversity among utilities and methods through which power is generated. The employment of these sources mainly depends upon the initial cost, running cost, efficiency, reliability and cleanliness of the power source. However, in the last decade, among different methods
  • Renewables
    The history of the effect of climate change on the world dates back to the 19th century with the discovery of the greenhouse effect. Since then, climate change and its causes have been studied and speculated over by scientists, politicians, and common people.  While there are many explanations why climate
  • HVDC
    There are two ways to transmit electrical power in bulk, either by HVAC or by HVDC. When it comes to selecting between these two, there has always been an ambiguity. With the passage of time, it has been observed that HVDC transmission offers numerous advantages over HVAC transmission.  In recent
  • Facts
    FACTS(Flexible AC Transmission System) as narrated by IEEE is the AC power transmission system with power electronics-based devices attached to control power flows to operate the power system within the stable limits. FACTS devices are used to enhance the reliability and control ability of old power transmission systems. This technology is growing at
  • Energy is the requisite stability in a nation’s economy. Sustainable, economical & reliable power transfer is essential for all emerging markets worldwide just like any other basic facility; be it education, medicine or infrastructure. The existence of Covid-19 since 2020 has completely transitioned the conventional outlook & lifestyle globally. Where

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